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Inspiration Hair Studio And Day Spa uses exclusive Glo-Therapeutics skincare products that offer a revolutionary breakthrough in skincare and chemical exfoliation treatments. Glo-Therapeutics treatments are developed to rejuvenate the skin. All facials include a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Glo therapeutics offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns by incorporating a daily skin care regimen with advanced treatments. Glo-Therapeutics systematic approach combines established research with new scientific discoveries for truly remarkable results. Utilizing innovative technology and cutting-edge science, Glo-Therapeutics formulations are created with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. Glo Therapeutics is free of parabens and dyes, has high concentration of actives and innovative ingredients.

Estheticians' Commitments
Despite your best intentions, stress, the elements, and bad habits can take their toll on your skin. Inspiration Hair Studio And Day Spa skincare professionals can actually help you repair that damage and put you on the path to better looking healthier skin. We begin with an expert diagnosis, followed by a customized treatment using only the finest Glo-Therapeutics skincare products. Not sure What to book for your appointment, It’s ok just book a Signature Customized Facial with consult and let us help take the guess work out of booking your appointment and get you started with a clear plan of action.

This facial is vital for all skin types, and is customized based on the individuals skin care needs. This Facial will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and revitalize the skin. A professional and customized exfoliation treatment is added to each treatment to improve results. Followed by the appropriate amount of extraction to remove skin impurities & clogged pores. A facial, neck and shoulder message will have you in love with this treatment. A customized mask, treatment serums & moisturizer will complete this treatment & conditions the skin. 

**There are many  Glo Facials and treatments offered take the GUESS work out and let us help you customize the perfect treatment for you and your skins needs achieving your desired result is just a few questions away  Book A Customized Facial With a consult and let one of our skilled estheticians help you decide which treatment is right for you and your skins needs.

**Facial Enhancers can be added to improve results, and customize the treatment for your skins needs and wants. Facial Enhancers can be added to any treatment or facial. Let our Estheticians help you decide what will be best for you, and your skin.

Light Therapy Led Photo Facial  $85 / 1hr 15 mins 
An LED photo facial is a very gentle treatment that uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen, which creates plumper, younger-looking skin, or to kill the bacteria that causes acne.
LED photo facials are painless, cool and relaxing, and (unlike laser treatments) carry no risk of burning. The best results come after a series of photo facial treatments. To begin, a series of six treatments with a one-to two weeks between is recommended. After that, maintain with a treatment every month or two. It can be part of a facial or a stand-alone treatment.
LED photo facials are a good choice for people who want to boost collagen or treat acne. Their collagen-boosting, facial rejuvenation properties have been proven with medical research

Light Therapy can be added on to any Facial or Microdermabrasion $25 / 15 minutes
This is the latest light therapy incorporating photo pulsation technology which uses light-emitting diodes (LED) to create visible pain free results.

Pro 5 Facial $70.00
For clearer, invigorated and glō-ing skin, look no further. This unique professional exfoliation treatment balances results with no downtime. After smoothing and optional extractions, skin is hydrated and cooled with our most calming mask.
While all skin types will benefit, a combination of reparative antioxidants and
healing anti-inflammatories make this treatment especially suited for sensitive skin. Recommended For:
All skin types including sensitive skin.

Brightening/Lightening Glo Facial     $85.00 / 1 HR
Designed to revive the appearance of dull complexions and lighten sun spots on the skin. Exfoliation lifts hyperpigmentation, enhances penetration and a high dosage of brighteners is used to treat skin and effectively address areas of concern. Revives the skin's appearance and leaves it looking polished and glowing.
*A great Add on to this facial is our Light therapy Facial enhancer

Vitamin C Repair Glo Facial     $95.00 / 1 hr 15 mins 
Designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles combined with a blend of peptides and antioxidants that provides complete protection by repairing and strengthening skin cells and capillaries. Includes Vitamin C treatment for the eye area as well. Rosacea skin will benefit from this facial also.  This facial includes Ultra sonic add facial enhancer

Glo Clear Skin Back Facial     $70.00 / 1 hr
This back treatment is designed to purify, exfoliate, cleanse pores by extraction and nourish the back. Includes light back massage.

Rosacea Glo Facial $85.00/ 1 hr 15 mins 
An exclusive treatment brings visual relief and results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability by using botanical ingredients such as rose, sunflower oil and chamomile. Skin is left fully soother, vibrant and hydrated. Includes a Rose infused collagen mask.

Pumpkin Peel Enzyme Facial $85 / 1 HR
Pumpkin is great for all skin types, especially environmentally damaged or sensitive skin. High in Vitamin A (skin healing), C (anti-oxidant) and Zinc, the pumpkin soothes, exfoliates, moisturizes and assists the other products to penetrate deeper into the skin and intensify the results. Also includes all from signature customized facial.

Cucumber Gel Mask Facial $70 /1HR
Best known for its soothing and cooling effects, cucumber relieves puffiness, irritation and dehydration. With the addition of Indian Senna, this mask also targets fine lines and wrinkles with firming action- making it a go-to for all skin types, not just sensitive! Experience the multiple benefits of cucumber in this exclusive glō∙therapeutics professional skin treatment.
 Recommended For: All skin types, especially sensitive, dehydrated and post procedure skin

Signature Customized Facial and Microdermabrasion   $165.00 Or $85 with our Loyalty Program
Includes our Signature Customized Facial, combined with a Microdermabrasion treatment to help life the superficial dead skin layers boosting collagen leaving the skin feeling refreshed and glowing allowing serums, and moisturizers to penetrate further enhancing your skin.

The Ultimate Facial / Signature Customized Facial, Light Therapy , and Microdermabrasion  $165.00 / 1 hr 30 mins 
The Ultimate skin pampering treatment.
Includes our Signature Customized Facial, combined with a Microdermabrasion treatment to help life the superficial dead skin layers boosting collagen leaving the skin feeling refreshed and glowing allowing serums, and moisturizers to penetrate further enhancing your skin. BUT WAIT there’s more add a Light therapy session that will have your skin glowing so bright that it can be seen in space!! An LED photo facial is a very gentle treatment that uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen, which creates plumper, younger-looking skin, or to kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Gentleman’s Facial $70.00 / 1HR
Men’s skin needs attention too! This masculine version of the Signature Customized Facial focuses on deep and thorough cleansing with special attention paid to ingrown hairs , or razor irritation with a pressure point facial massage as well as massage work to neck and shoulders.

Express Customized Facial $50.00 / 35 MIN
This refreshing cleansing, and relaxing  facial is perfect for the client on the go. A mini version of our Signature Customized Facial. This facial includes Cleansing, hydrating, and revitalizing of the skin. With your choice of either extraction OR a facial massage.


Teen Facial $45.00 / 45 min (12years – 16 years)
 This deep cleaning facial begins with a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and customized mask to remove dead surface cells & deep clean the pores.
 Includes a lesson on correctly taking care of the skin at home,and the Do’s and Don’ts of picking or extracting.



Light Therapy can be added on to any Facial or Microdermabrasion $25 / 15 minutes

Customized Light Therapy Infusion Package     $95 / 45 min
Your choice of either a Microdermabrasion or chemical peel followed by a session of Light Therapy. With this special blend of corrective treatments and light therapy, your skin will naturally appear smoother, tighter and more radiant as the collagen beneath it becomes firmer.
Oat , Canberry or Flower Enzyme $10.00-
(Oat, Canberry and Flower Enzyme are complimentary with our signature facial)

Glycolic Chemical Peel   $15.00 when added to any Facial or Treatment
Alphahydroxy acids and betahydroxy acids combine to reveal your new complexion. Helps smooth fine lines, improves skin texture and minimizes the appearance of sun damage as well as age spots.

Lactic Peel  $15.00 when added to any Facial or Treatment.
This is a superficial peel and helps remove the dead cells to give the skin a moist and glowing. This is an excellent treatment for dry and hyperpigmented skin. Best when used 4-6 treatments every 7-14 days.

Salicylic Peel     $15.00 when added to any Facial or Treatment
 This is the best peel for acneic skin as it is anti-acne, anti-bacterial and exfoliating agent. It can reduce redness and inflammation which is also good for Rosacea. Best results when done in a series of 4-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks. 

Jessner Resurfacing Peel $45-$150
Jessner is a synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild cases of rosacea. Jessner's Peel is a medium strength peel. Jessner solution will penetrate deeper into the epidermal layers of the skin and result in greater exfoliation of the outer skin layers. Customized for each client with different amount of "Jessner LAYERS" for each client in addition to multiple personalized serums and or Vitamins to get desired results. Because this peel is customizable it is suitable for all skin types.

DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION **$45 with our loyalty program
Diamond MicroDerabrasion can be added to any facial or a standalone treatment
Diamond Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing treatment that improves wrinkles, acne scarring, skin texture and color by leaving it more supple and vibrant. Skin resurfacing also stimulates the elastic tissue, and collagen production beneath the surface of the skin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance. Skin resurfacing treatment is non-invasive, and requires no down time after treatment. The length of the treatment and number of treatments vary depending on skin type and condition. Results vary, most people experience softer, smoother skin after their very first treatment.

**$95.00 Or join a loyalty program and pay just $45 when you rebook your next Microdermabrasion within  6 weeks of your previous Microdermabrasion treatment.
Micro add on enhancers
Maximize your results with:
Glycolic treatment prior to or after your Microdermabrasion  for extra exfoliation and hydration $15.00
Enzyme to remove dead skin cells $10.00 
Customized mask to soothe, calm, and nourish the skin $10.00

Ask about how to receive discounts with our loyalty Programs available for some of our facial services, and treatments.



Facial Enhancers and Chemical Peels $70-$125
Vitamin C Professional Mask
Rich in L-ascorbic Acid, this intensive treatment softens hyperpigmentation
and revitalizes the skin, delivering a brighter, luminous complexion.
Recommended For
All skin types that have pigmentation
and brightening needs.

Pro 5 Exfoliant
A versatile, professional chemical exfoliant uniquely blended with five alpha
and poly hydroxy acids. Both effective and gentle, this modern formulation
balances results with no downtime and is even appropriate for use on clients
with sensitive skin. May be left on without neutralizing. Upon application skin is
clearer, invigorated and glowing

Lactic 15%
Smooths, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine
lines and pigmentation discolorations. An antioxidant-rich cocktail of
berries provides anti-inflammatory benefits.
Recommended For:
Aging, acne grades I & II, sun damaged,
hyperpigmentation, dry and dehydrated skin.

Modified Jessner 14%
A synergy of effective acids designed to have a transformative effect,
reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne. By providing
the strongest level of exfoliation within the glotherapeutics line, this versatiletreatment creates dramatic change in the skin.
Recommended For:
Aging skin, sun damaged, hyperpigmentation,acne grades I & II.

Glycolic 30%
Repairs and regenerates skin. A versatile and fast acting acid exfoliant
appropriate for most skin types, effectively aids oily, problematic skin. Improves
the appearance of facial lines, uneven tone and texture.
Recommended For:
Aging skin, acne grades I & II, sun damaged, hyper pigmentation, ingrown hairs.

Glycolic 60%
Effectively rejuvenates damaged skin by stimulating fresher, healthy cell growth.
Improves the appearance of aging and photo damaged skin as well as acne. .Helps smooth texture, soften fine lines and even skin tone.
Recommended For:
Aging skin, acne grades I & II, sun damaged, hyper pigmentation, ingrown hairs.

Salicylic 30%
Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties. Treats acne and
rejuvenates skin.
Recommended For:
Acne grades I & II, mild rosacea, hyperpigmentation and rough skin.

These Enzymes and Peels Range from 1 to 3 Levels. Please see below.

 A consultation will be necessary with our medical esthetician to help you decide which treatment will be right for you and your skin care needs. You may have the consultation and treatment on the same day. When booking ask for a signature Customized facial Treatment.

Levels Of Peels Available
Very superficial
• This type of exfoliation will only remove the stratum corneum.
• May cause some slight sloughing, but usually only from
repetitive treatments or continuous use of the product.
• This chemical exfoliate can create a wound to all of or
part of the epidermis down to the basal cell layer.
• Mild flaking will occur with these treatments.
• This chemical exfoliate will travel through the epidermis to
the uppermost part of the dermis, the papillary dermis.
• There will be down time at this level because the skin will peel in
large areas and will be brown and crusty for a couple of days.


Highly recommend Janine for "All" waxing services (fast, minimal discomfort, for me no me no redness and not a 1 ingrown hair). Best find in Central Mass - Awesome facials too!

Joell Tulley
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